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In this study, the future state of the effects of social media, which sometimes reaches a dangerous level, is considered as a problem. In this study, the quality of social media was evaluated, its role in people's lives was discussed, and theories about the future state of social media depending on its role in life were put forward. The development of technique, which started with the first people to think, progressed as the needs and desires increased, it went beyond meeting the needs and reached fantastic dimensions. People who first organize and use the language in order to give and receive messages, gradually developed the means of communication, and in the last stage they introduced the mass communication tools called media. Starting with newspapers, the first modern media, all mass media have changed people's lives and the world. People have attributed such important roles to the media in their lives that the media has become the main actor of life. The media, on the one hand, brought the knowledge of the world to people, on the other hand, led to new approaches with new thoughts and opinions. Social media, which has entered the lives of people in the last 50 years, has changed the whole life. People have started to meet their need to communicate and participate in social media largely through social media. Free posts in the social media environment, ego satisfaction experienced with the likes of the posts, free criticism and even the environment of questioning have changed people's lives. A large audience in the world uses social media and shares on social media. In a way, social media has become people's daily routine. Under these conditions, it is discussed how far the social media technology and its use will go. Social media, which people love and some of them depend on, constantly attracts people with new possibilities and applications. Social media, which is sometimes used as a criminal tool, continues to exist as the most common media of the modern age despite everything. However, the idea that there is a serious control mechanism and that social media works as a tool that does not harm people is becoming widespread. The uncontrolled use of social media sometimes causes legal problems or problems regarding social and moral values are experienced. It makes many people think about the effects of social media in the future. Considering the conjuncture of the world and the development of technology, it seems that the dominance of social media will continue by growing stronger in the future.

Social Media, High Technology, Tool, Message, Future.


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