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The innovations and problems brought about by the era are increasing rapidly. Digital addiction, which is one of the most important addictions of people with developing technology, is seen as a problem and danger especially in young individuals. It can become a danger not only for young people but also for middle-aged and older individuals. Nowadays, digital dependent individuals, whose numbers are increasing every day, are considered among the fastest growing addictions worldwide. When the researches about the subject are examined, It has been determined that both young people and adult individuals feel uncomfortable when they spend a few days without telephones, feel themselves lacking when they do not look at their mails for a few days and feel uneasy when they do not share in social media. (Kaya, 2013, Laura & Richard, 2004; Mossbarger, 2008). In case of correct and effective use, technological products that will provide many convenience to individuals in every aspect; it will cause many problems that may be difficult to compensate for.

Addiction, Behavioral Addiction, Nomophobia


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