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Colors are a very effective communication tool used to influence people's mood and physiological reactions, to activate them. Colors in things used in the course of life, such as houses built, religious symbols and rituals, clothes and clothes, etc., have been one of the important elements in terms of communication. Since ancient times, people have determined their lifestyles, habits and the status they want to have by using the colors they attribute various meanings to, and they have sought to place this status in the society they live in. The meanings of colors can vary according to the history, culture and geography of the societies. Different meanings attributed to colors in the geographies where societies lived in history maintain their validity today. All the colors created by God create various and different interactions in human psychology. In today's societies where visuality is very important, enterprises that are aware of this interaction, namely businesses, use colors that have the feature of affecting people psychologically in their marketing activities. One of the important reasons why colors are used in all sectors where startups are located is that colors have a convincing hidden message feature. Initiatives use colors along with various elements to be noticed, to attract attention, to stay in mind, to symbolize meanings that will evoke them, to excite or comfort people or consumers by influencing their attitudes and behaviors. Colors, which constitute the main factor of corporate brand logos for enterprises, have become one of the elements that affect shopping decisions for consumers. Color psychology is the study of the effects of colors on people's behavior. It aims to explain how and to what extent colors affect our decisions in our purchasing behavior. Colors awaken our senses, activate our emotions, and the meanings we attach to colors can affect why we prefer certain colors to other colors. Choosing the right colors for their logos, brands and names for their marketing efforts can show the distinctiveness and difference of companies among competitors. While doing marketing activities, they can use colors in their strategies so that their customers can see what they want them to see and more. Entrepreneurs' understanding of the psychology of color can be of great benefit to their marketing efforts and can help them enliven their brand the way they want. The aim of this study; The aim of this study is to reveal the importance of the colors used by the enterprises in their marketing activities, the reasons for their use and their effects on the shopping preferences and consumption behavior psychology of people. It is to show the effects of colors on the logos or names of brands or on consumers.

Colors, Logo, Colors in Business and Marketing, Color Psychology and Meanings.


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